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How To Set Up An Automatic Proxy In Windows 10?

automatic proxy_graphic

In order to set up an automatic proxy, we are going to use a Proxy auto-config (PAC) File which will define how the web browsers and other user agents can automatically choose the right proxy server (method of access) for fetching a given URL. PAC File consists of a JavaScript function”FindProxyForURL(url, host)”. There’s no need of downloading the PAC File since the easiest way to set up a proxy is to point to the file using a URL.

Please do this by entering the following URL in the automatic proxy dialog in your OS, or preferred browser.

URL to PAC File

“We will copy paste this URL into the proxy configuration dialog in the guides below.”

Setting Up An Automatic Proxy Using a PAC File In Windows 10

1.) Click the start button and then choose Settings.


2.) Choose ‘Network & Internet’ from the series of options provided.

network and internet

3.) Choose ‘Proxy’ from the list.


4.) Turn on the ‘Use setup script’ option if it’s off and paste the following URL  into the box titled ‘Script address’.

proxy setup

5.) Click ‘Save’ to finish.

There is no confirmation that it’s complete so once you’ve hit ‘Save’ you can close the Settings window.

save settings


If you use Firefox, you may need to do some additional setup.

Follow the guide below on this:

Firefox – Additional settings

Depending on versions and previous setup, Firefox may need to be set to use the system Proxy settings:

1.) Open Firefox and click on the settings (☰) button at the top right, then choose ‘Options’

firefox options

2.) Click ‘Advanced’ option on the left, then choose the ‘Network’ tab.

firefox network

3.) Click ‘Settings’

This opens a new window called ‘Connection Settings’.

firefox settings

4.) Click on ‘Use system proxy settings’ and then click ‘OK’ to finish the setup.

use system settings


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