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How To Run Android Apps On PC (Android Emulators)

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There are valid different reasons why one may want to use Android emulators on their PCs. For example, app developers may want to test their apps before they are released.

However, these emulators may have different functionalities (developed by different developers) and you only need to choose what works best for you. Though some users may need to install Android OS in a virtual machine, in this piece, we are going to look at the best 10 Android emulators that you can use to run apps instead. Let’s start!

10 Best Android Emulators For PC users



Uncommonly, Bluestacks is one of the most popular yet free Android emulators For Windows & MacOS out there. Being a complete Android package on the desktop, it offers way more than most of the features any commercial user needs. It still runs on Android KitKat version, apart from this it is nothing less than other Android emulators.

The multi-gesture support and seamless integration with the computer peripherals like keyboard, mouse, trackpad & web camera are notable features. Also, it is compatible with Android TV, if you are into that sort of thing.

Simple one-click installation and straightforward user interface make the Bluestack as the top notch performing app player. To play the graphic intense games, ensure that you have a dedicated graphic card installed on your computer. Unlike most of the Android emulators, you can open most of the apps or games in full-screen mode, which is a bonus for watching videos from YouTube or Netflix. Bluestacks received the best software award in CES 2012 for the innovative idea.

Everything is fine with Bluestacks, except the resource intensive nature. It doesn’t need much CPU horsepower, but it is a memory hog. If your Windows computer/Mac have 4 GB of less RAM, then you’ll notice lags and even freeze. We don’t recommend, if your system has less than a couple gig of RAM, it might not be the best experience. Apart, from that everything is good enough.


andy emulator

Andy is the elite syncing master between your Android and computer. If you are an avid gamer, then this would be the way to go solution. You can use your Android phone as the joystick to control the game on your desktop. This emerged the many mainstream gamers into this freaking thing.

With the limitless possibilities, you would be at the peak of immense productivity as a developer. You could test the apps or games you’d developed, and deploy them to see the outcome and do many other things.

You could integrate all the communication apps installed on your Android phone to your PC and reply from there. Here are the features to enjoy;

  • Clutter Free User interface.
  • You can use your Android phone as the controller for playing games on PC.
  • Capable of running all the communication apps without any hassle.
  • You can use your PC hard drive as your phone internal memory.
  • Seamless transition between PC apps and Android apps.
  • Multi-touch supported in Andy Emulator.
  • Cloud Storage for unlimited space.
  • x86 apps with ARM support.
  • Sensors integrated and OpenGL hardware supported.
  • Camera and Microphone are incorporated.



If you are an app developer or one who tests lots of apps, then you should give Genymotion a shot which is one of the self-claimed developer suits. It is a complete package for developers that’s is compatible with Android SDK tools, Eclipse and Android Studio. Further, you can go ahead and install Genymotion plugins on your Android Studio for quick access (you should also install Genymotion). Deploying multiple instances, testing your websites through various browsers – user agents, try your location permission required apps, battery status, and pretty everything.

Further, you can also automate your app testing through Genymotion’s Java API. It manipulates the sensor values of the specified app and tests it in the different locations & scenarios. Changing the device’s name, IMEI, MEID is seamless, you can even emulate the fake SMS/calls to know how your app reacts in that situation. And other geeky stuff!

It takes advantage of the OpenGL compatible graphic cards, which slightly makes it faster and more responsive when performing any graphics-oriented tasks. It is power packed for the developers, Genymotion Cloud is something exciting, you could get Android emulator online using Genymotion Cloud, which resides in the cloud & you could browse from your internet browser. Team collaboration and seamless integration is something Genymotion Cloud advertises about.

It is a paid Android emulator, which turns off many features. Many of the features are only available for paid version, although there is a free version available to download, you are only limited to use a few basic features for non-commercial purpose only. If you are an app developer professionally, then you should get your paid version without any doubt. Also, compatibility isn’t an issue, it is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Cloud based as well.

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