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How To Change IMEI Number On iPhone Devices?

In this article, we are going to look at what IMEI number is, what it does and how you can change it in iPhone devices.

What Is IMEI Number?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) Number is a unique 15-digit series of identification that all the smartphones/cell phones have. This number can be found under the battery pack of your phone or with the help of *#06# code on your device.

The IMEI series is the identity which is required to recognize the network and also you can check some information about the device i.e. brand or model.

Now you can imagine this, you want to enjoy any offer on your device, but you are unable to do so because the registered IMEI number of your is not in favor of that. So what can you do then? Of course, you can change that number on your iPhone device using the tips and tricks we have shared in this article.

This piece of work is for an educational/informational purpose only. Do not put into action if you are afraid of making your device’s warranty void. Changing IMEI number of a stolen or someone else’s phone without their consent is a criminal offense. HackerThons won’t be held responsible for any damages the reader causes.

With the help of the following outlined tricks, you can fake the identity of your device easily. This could be a very cool way of enjoying some of the offers offered by your network provider on some of their apps. Check out the complete guide on how to do so below;

How To Change IMEI On iPhone?

Point to note though: This trick only works on a Jailbreaked iPhone device. So make sure that the device restrictions are disabled on your device. To do so please take a look at Most Unexceptional jailbreak apps.

This method is going to be simple as we are going to utilize the power of a PC tool.

1.Find The IMEI Number

To do this, dial *#06# from your device and get the IMEI series of your device.

2.Jailbreak iOS Device

The process won’t work if your device is not jailbroken. Please do not proceed if you haven’t done so. Otherwise, this link will be useful if you want to jailbreak your device.

jailbreak iphone

3.Download Ziphone (PC Tool)

After successful jailbreaking, get the access to the PC tool that will facilitate the process for us. Download Ziphone and extract the package on your PC.


4.Mess Up With Your Device

Now, restart your device in recovery mode. Press the sleep/wake and power button and hold until the apple logo appears on the screen. There after, release the sleep/wake button, the iTunes logo and a cable should appear on the screen as indicated below;

connecting iphone to pc

5.Further Compilation

Head to the Ziphone extracted file folder on your PC and press the shift button. Right click on the blank space on the right as shown below and click on the Open command window here.

open command prompt

6.Type Command

Type the ZIPHONE on cmd window that appears.

type ziphone command in cmd

7.Enter New IMEI Number

Type ziphone -u -i a123456789012345 (replace 123456789012345 with your desired number)

changing IMEI Number

In a span of 2-3 minutes, your device should restart. Hooray! You have successfully changed your device’s IMEI Number you can verify it by dialing *#06# on iPhone.


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